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3 NEW Pug Litters!

We are excited to announce that we have 3 NEW pug litters that will be ready to go to their new homes soon!



COOLWHIP is a rare white female pug!

She had 5 puppies born December 25th, 2023

Image Of Img 5571 E1706390831249

GO HOME 02/19/2024

Image Of Red1 White Female E1706391994718 Qiy1Wll0I1C8Z713Irfqdb1H615Mm23Va7Bv67Duc0

white female

red collar
$2500 SOLD
Image Of Lilac1 White Female E1706392100112 Qiy1Zd7Wmh4N5V0Dcyi6Plwc4Vij9Z3Ezwhc1Ja40G

white female

lilac collar
Image Of None2 Chinchilla Female E1706392480785 Qiy298Iwdun12Go9Q835W48Koiva3K9Ycr2Vg4Naog

chinchilla female

no collar
Image Of Blue2 White Male E1706392209794 Qiy227Obbf0Wbcvjqosire1Kvvhjkze5Pzl9Cp2768

white male

blue collar
$2500 SOLD
Image Of Green1 White Male E1706392286700 Qiy24741Qtqotpzs5Jo60W0M15Pftz9Rbt65Tq4A1C

white male

green collar
$2500 SOLD

Snickers' LITTER

SNICKERS is a fawn female pug!

She had 4 puppies December 28th, 2023

Image Of Img 5514 Scaled E1706390913112

GO HOME 02/22/2024

Image Of Orange2 Silver Male E1706392625291 Qiy2D2P6Ahw6H53Kbdtbkndc05Y8J2Ihvqz8Zsyf9S

silver male

orange collar
$2400 SOLD
Image Of Red2 Fawn Female E1706392958757

fawn female

red collar
$2000 SOLD
Image Of Yellow2 Silver Male E1706392864885

silver male

yellow collar
$2500 SOLD
Image Of Black2 Fawn Female E1706392791716

fawn female

black collar
$2500 SOLD

Ruby Rue Roo'S LITTER

RUBY RUE ROO is a black female pug!

She had 6 puppies on January 4th, 2024

Image Of Img 5946 E1706390962932

GO HOME 02/29/2024

Image Of Purple Fawn Female Pug Puppy E1706393086384

fawn female

purple collar
$2000 SOLD
Image Of Blue Fawn Female Pug Puppy E1706393174814

fawn male

blue collar
$2000 $1800
Image Of Green Silver Male Pug Puppy E1706393318460

Silver male

green collar
$2300 SOLD
Image Of Pink2 Black Female Pug Puppy E1706393405450

Black female

pink collar
$2300 SOLD
Image Of Grey Black Male Pug Puppy E1706393484648

Black male

grey collar
$2300 $2000
Image Of Yellow Black Male Pug Puppy E1706393555205

Black male

neon collar
$2300 SOLD

All of our dogs are AKC Registered. We also get genetic health testing to prevent genetic defects for all of our puppies.

Puppies are pellet potty trained!

All of our puppies come with:

  • AKC Registration
  • Microchip
  • Health testing
  • Vaccinations
  • Licensed Vet Check

Proud Daddy: Cotton

Cotton is a White Pug.


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